Scattie’s Enema

So, I had my very first practice with scat (see "very first practice"), but for me it wasn’t enough. I eyed some clip with enema, and determined to do it myself. I didn’t indeed enjoy the water flowing in my bowels, but I purged with pleasure. The most exciting thing was the water pouring out of my ass hole. It was like a fountain, so I was human fountain. And this smell hmmmm…

Scattie's Enema

Francesca’s Painful Booty Snakes

I swear I love watching Francesca take a dump…Nobody makes the same genuine facial expressions and sounds that this lovely BBW does while pulling down the in the pool!! I used to swear she was acting, until I caught a whiff and an up close look at what she shitted out one time when we were together!! Good Distress!! While y’all can’t smell the HOT FUNK this woman cooks up, you can certainly take a look!!! Love Three painful dumps from Francesca in these three clips. She even comments on how bad her anus hurt!! When you see what came out of her you will understand why!!

Francesca's Painful Booty Snakes